Sunday, April 25, 2004

TV consoling the hearts and minds of the revolutionaries
As The world continues to spin, despite all my efforts to stop it--for me its like being on a giant twirl-a-whirl after having some niches-- I continue to watch TV. I wonder what exactly it is about the TV that does it for me. Sitting in the warm glow of the boob-tube gives me a comforted feeling, like nothing bad can happen to me. All my works seem to go a way, and I am susceptible, especially at late nights to cheap advertising.
I realize that I really need those knifes, because who knows when I might have to cut my foot free of my shoe, or cut through a wall. I notice that the air in my house is filled will pollutants and I do need an air filter before I suffocate. I am remembered that last thanksgiving the turkey did take 5 hours and only 2 hours to cook 4 of them would be nice for when I have all of the French Army staying with me.
I Tend to think of my self as a fairly intelligent creature, somewhat on the level of mice and dolphins, yet I just can't stop watching TV and these infomercial. But why? Well, lets think about it now, I can't stop and I like the way it makes me feel. Guess what I am the same way with cocaine, I just can't stop. I am addicted to TV, but how did they do it.
I believe that there are subliminal messages being sent through the Television, that make me feel at peace. Clearly this diabolical scheme must have been set in motion by those nefarious TV stations, with all their greed. And yet I believe it is another entity that is brainwashing our children, our fathers, our brothers and our sisters.
It is rather the Government that has made me a couch potato. If I feel good watching TV I will never question the Governement. Heck If I had the choice of watching TV, or searching for the Truth about the war in Iraq, its TV all the way. This is the Governments way of subduing the public, the Romans had their breads and circuses, and our society has TV.
Without TV there would be riots in the streets, but instead we have to see what happens on the next friends episode. There will never be a revolution again in any country that has a decent TV set up in every single house.
But is that so bad. I like watching TV and isn't it worth giving up my civil liberties as long as the warm glow caresses my face for at least 2 hours a day. 2 hours of comfort will make me forget just about...


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