Monday, March 29, 2004

Hellow World!
Yes I know I misspeled Hellow, and I promise that I won't ever do it again. As you--who ever you are--may or may not know, I can't spell very well. Truthfully is there any reason that I should be forced to learn how to spell, or any reason that others should atack my spelling abilities, or the lack there of.

I say no. We non-spellers have stood back and accepted our misfortune; we have tried to spell better; we have watched our low vocabulary test scores with no anger; we have done nothing as others have taunted us; we have stood idol as teachers repremanded us for our "ineptitude." We shall take it no longer; we have waited long enough and will not brake our backs on the dictionaries of society no longer. The non-spellers of the world will unite; it is our time to triumph.

Kindergardeners who like kats, will stand; Grade school children who think there two smart to spell, will raise; middle school kids who don't want to follow modles, will get on their chairs; High school students who read litriture and take Spainish, will run to the roofs of buildings; executives who can't write busness proposels will fly to the skies. We have the power, we have the numbers. Spellers everywhere will run in terror, as we burn thusauruses, spell checkers, and dictionaries. Spellers will be driven to spider caves, just like Sadam, cause after all we have the Precident on our side.

Non-spellers of the world unite. We shall prevale.


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